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Our New 2014 Hosting Plan Range
Posted by Paul Woodland on 07 January 2014 01:33 PM

On the 6th January 2014, we launched a complete new range of hosting plans. This is the first time that this has been done in many years, so we wanted to provide some guidance for existing customers about the change.

For our new range, we have split the shared plans into two sets - single domain and multi domain plans. This is in response to feedback from customers who only have one site, yet need a lot of resources, and do not wish to pay for more domains that they will not use. We have gone back to the drawing board so there is no connection to the old plans, even though some of them might share the same names.

We have provided a set of questions and answers below that we hope will cover any questions existing customers may have. If you have a question that we haven't thought of, please contact customer services for assistance!


What happens to my existing plan and prices?
Nothing - you can keep your existing plan and price for as long as you wish. There are no changes forced upon you. 

I prefer one of the new plans, can I change?
Yes! We anticipate many customers may wish to change to the new plans if they suit their needs better. You can change plans by contacting sales. For full details on how changing the plan works and the costs involved, please see this article: Changing your hosting plan

My old plan has the same name as one of the new ones
There are some plans for which this is true, however there is no connection between the two. For billing purposes we differentiate between the plans by prefixing the new ones with "2014". Because of the change in our range, some of the older cheaper plans have the same name as some of the newer higher end plans, but the prices and features are different. 

Can I still buy the old plans?
No, although customers with existing plans can keep them, it is not possible to buy new packages based on the old plans, or change an existing plan to a different one of the old plans.

I prefer my current plan, but would like to use Windows 2012 R2
No problem, although the new plans have been launched alongside the Windows 2012 R2 hosting launch, you do not need one of the new plans in order to use it. Anyone with an existing account can use Windows 2012 R2 when adding a domain to their account.

Can I switch an existing domain to Windows 2012 R2?
Currently, the only way to do this is to delete the domain from the system (along with all data and settings), and then add it back, choosing Windows 2012 R2 when asked. We hope to be able to provide an easier method of migrating existing domains later in 2014.

I don't know what amount of resources I am currently using, how can I choose the right plan?
You can view your resource usage at any time from your control panel. For shared hosting customers, click on "Packages" and then the package, then "Resource Usage". For reseller hosting customers, click on "Account Settings" and then "Resource Usage".

I need more disk space/bandwidth, but would like to keep my existing plan
You can still add extra disk space or bandwidth blocks to an account without changing the plan. Please see some example prices on the services page: 

I would like, or I am currently on, a Low Density plan
Low Density does not yet support Windows 2012 R2 and remains the same as before the new plan launches. We will be relaunching low density hosting with 2012 support and new plans later in 2014.

Does this apply to the UK or the US servers?
The new plans apply to both the UK and US servers and Windows 2012 R2 hosting is available in both locations.






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