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Where are your unlimited plans?
Posted by Paul Woodland on 21 March 2014 05:09 AM

We do not lie to our customers. We are aware that some hosting companies do falsely claim to offer ‘unlimited’ resources in order to mislead potential customers, despite such things as unlimited disk space obviously being impossible. Just think about it; to offer unlimited hard disk space would require an infinite number of hard drives, which simply do not exist – everything has a limit!

You may think that because the company is making the claim, they are forced to live up to it. Unfortunately, and predictably, this is not the case! These companies will often insert clauses into their terms and conditions that allow them to terminate accounts that use too much data (sometimes without warning!), sometimes with no refund for future time that you’ve paid for. So how do you know when you will be hitting their limit? Often you won’t know until it is too late, as they will not tell you their actual limits, sticking to their false claim of being unlimited. You are completely at their mercy!

At LiquidSix Hosting, we believe in being honest with our customers and setting clear limits up front for each plan we sell. This way, you know in advance what you have available to use and you know that there will not be any hidden charges. We ensure that you have plenty of resources at a reasonable price so that you will have no problems running your site! We own and manage all of our own UK hardware, to ensure that you have the highest quality service possible.

Remember also, that if the company is selling you an ‘unlimited’ plan, they are also selling them to their other customers and that those customers trying to make use of the resources they purchased will likely drastically affect the performance of your website. By setting clear limits, we can ensure that all of our customers get the best performance for their website.

We have a lot of experience in hosting, having been providing our services since April 2004, and still going strong! In that time we have seen many dishonest and cheap companies come and go, taking their customer’s websites with them. We do not aim to be the absolute cheapest, but instead to provide a reliable service at a reasonable and affordable price.

If you are considering using a company that is dishonest enough to claim unlimited resources, we would urge you to first ask them a simple question: If you try to store the infinite amount of data that they claim to allow, would they:

either a) Eventually stop you from uploading more data or take your account down, breaking their promise?

or b) Go bankrupt trying to buy the infinite amount of hard drives required, and take all of their customers sites down with them when they go?

Either way, their customers lose in the end! There are many other examples of how absurd claims of unlimited resources are. For example, if a hosting plan costing a few pounds a month can offer unlimited everything, why do large companies such as Facebook and Google have their own expensive datacenters when they could just sign up for one of these plans and save millions of pounds? The answer is simple – because the plans are not unlimited and would not be able to support them!

We hope that you will take our honesty into account when choosing a hosting provider, and allow us to prove our commitment to fair, honest and reasonable pricing for our high quality services. 

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