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Connection String Examples for Microsoft Access
Posted by Paul Woodland (Import) on 02 December 2006 04:35 AM
Example Connection String (can be used in ASP, ASP.Net etc)
Remember to enter your own database, username & password in the correct place:
Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=PATH TO DATABASE;Uid=Admin;Pwd=;

What is the path to my database?
In the above examples you must enter the full path to your database file. You can find the path to your website root by going to the "Website Settings" icon in your Helm control panel. An example for a database located in the provided \db directory would be:

Some customers paths may differ slightly, for example the drive letter at the beginning may be D: instead of C: - the "Website Settings" icon in Helm will tell you the correct path for your domain.
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