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Reseller Quick Start Guide: The first 5 minutes
Posted by Paul Woodland (Import) on 02 December 2006 04:35 AM
As a reseller, your control panel contains many more options than a standard shared hosting account, and as such can be slightly daunting at first if you have not used Helm previously. We suggest running through this quick guide which will let you setup your first user and domain. Please note that if you wish to host any domains of your own, you will need to create yourself a customer account first as you can not add domains directly to your top level reseller account.

Step 1: First of all you need to setup a hosting plan. This establishes the number of resources assigned to your customers. You can setup as many plans as you like. Login to Helm and click on "Hosting Plans" and then on the "Add New" button at the bottom. Enter a name for this plan and how much you wish to charge your customers for using it. If you are using this plan for your own domains, leave the cost as 0 to make things simpler. Then press save.

Step 2: You have now been returned to the plan list. Click on the newly created plan in the list. If this plan will be for your own use, and not for a customer, you may wish to uncheck the "Available for Purchase" box and press save. Now press "Resource Limits" to go to the area when you can configure the allowed resources on this plan.

Step 3: The most important limits are on this page. First is the number of domains, then diskspace & bandwidth. Enter values into each box and press Save. Then click on "Web Resources" underneath. On the web resources page enter values in all of the boxes that you wish, and then press save. Press back to go back to the resource limits page, and then do the same for "Email Resources" and all the other icons on that page. Your new plan is now complete.

Step 4: Now that you have a plan setup, it's time to add a customer. Go back to the Helm home page and click on "Users" and then on "Add New". Fill in all the requested information about this new customer and press save. You are returned to the users list. Click on the new user that you set up. You are now seeing the Helm control panel from the perspective of your new user.

Step 5: The last step before adding the domain is to give the new user you have just created one of the plans that you created in the earlier steps. Click on "Packages" and then on "Add New". Enter a name for the customer to refer to this package by (for example "Bob's Package") and select the Plan you created earlier from the drop down list. Press Save.

Step 6: Assuming you set the cost of the plan to 0 originally, you now have an active plan. If you did not set the cost to 0, you will need your customer to make a payment to you in order to activate the plan. See the manual (links later in this email) for details on this. Now click on the Package in the List and then on Domains.

Step 7: Press "Add New" on the domain list and then enter the domain name into the boxes provided (for example "thedomain" into the large box and "com" into the small one, no quotes). Press save. You have now added your first customer domain! Click on the domain in the list to view options regarding that domain.

Now that you have added your first domain, we suggest that you take a look around the control panel and read the Helm manual (see this page: to familiarise yourself with the rest of Helm. Going through each icon in turn is a good way to get acquainted with it, whilst setting all your options at the same time!
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