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Ways to connect to MySQL from your PC
Posted by Paul Woodland (Import) on 02 December 2006 04:35 AM

There are many applications that will connect to a MySQL server and allow you to manage it. You can use any of these to connect to a database hosted with us. Below are a few of the methods that we recommend.

Option One: MySQL Workbench
This is the application which is developed by the same people who create the MySQL server itself. It will allow you to connect and manage your database, although you will find that a basic knowledge of the SQL language will help a lot in its use.

We also have a full tutorial on how to connect using it, available in the knowledge base:

Option Two: phpMyAdmin
This is a web based MySQL manager that we supply. It has many features (which can make it look complicated at first) and so will allow full control over your database - including importing it and exporting it. A link to it will be found on the database page in Helm, or you can jump straight to it using one of the URLs below:

US Server:
UK Server:

Option Three: EMS SQL Manager
This management application is third-part commerical software which you can use to manage your database. There is also a range of companion products which you can purchase to add more functionality. The full range can be found here:

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