HOWTO: Setup a directory as an IIS Application
Posted by Paul Woodland (Import) on 30 May 2008 02:34 AM
Some ASP or ASP.Net applications must be run in a directory that is an IIS application in order to function properly. If you run these applications in the root of your domain, this is automtically an IIS application. If, however, you run the application in a subdirectory you will need to set this as an IIS application first.

In the instructions below, we setup the directory "Directory1" as an IIS application. You can replace the name as appropriate.

1. Login to the Helm control panel, and navigate to the domain.
2. Click on "Virtual Directories" and then "Add New".
3. Enter "\" into the "Path To Virtual Directory"
4. Enter "Directory1" into the "Virtual Directory Name"
5. Then enter "\Directory1" into the "Physical Folder" and press save.

Your IIS application is now setup and ready to use!
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