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I need a higher hourly limit for sending emails than is available
Posted by Paul Woodland on 30 September 2012 10:04 PM

The hourly limits on the amount of emails sent through Script Mail are there to protect all customers from blacklisting. There is no option for an unimited number of emails for this reason, but the limits given are suitable for the vast majority of websites, as it still allows up to 12,000 a day (at a rate of 500 an hour)

If you are sending a large newsletter, it should be sent using a dedicated mailing service. Our services are designed for web hosting, not for bulk mailing. There are many companies who will sent the newsletter on your behalf for a fee.

Alternatively, we also offer a range of VPS and Dedicated Servers, which you can install your own mail server onto, with your own unique IP. This may be more suitable for customers wishing to send a lot of legitimate email, as it can not affect other customers or cause blacklisting for anyone other than yourself. Spam is still not allowed and we have a strict anti-spam policy. For details on our server range, please click here:

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