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Problem with UK SQL Server "Deimos"
Posted by Paul Woodland on 28 December 2014 07:20 AM

Overnight tonight there has been disruption on our UK SQL Server. The problem has been identified as a hardware issue. The timing of this is unfortunate, as the server was due to be replaced by a new higher spec server during the SQL Server 2014 upgrade in 3 days time.

Because of this, and the fact that the new server was already ready and prepared for the migration, the quickest way to recover from this hardware failure was to perform the migration early, as everything was already in place for it. This has now been completed, and all UK SQL Server databases on our shared and reseller hosting are now moved to SQL Server 2014 on new hardware.

We apologise for the disruption that this has caused overnight and we have worked as quickly as possible to fix the problem. Because the migration has been completed, it does mean that those customers on shared and reseller hosting in the UK will now not need the maintenance that was scheduled to take place on the 31st December.

Customers with databases on our US servers and our Low Density service are unaffected by these issues and their migration will take place as scheduled on the 31st December.

Again, please accept our apologies for these issues. At this time, with the migration completed, all services appear to be functioning normally and the migration was fully successful. However, if you are seeing any issues with your database after the move to SQL Server 2014, please open a ticket at and we can assist you.

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