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Statement Regarding COVID-19
Posted by Paul Woodland on 17 March 2020 09:10 AM

Customers will no doubt be aware of the current COVID-19 pandemic in many countries around the world. You will probably have heard from many companies via email about their preparations and any effect on their business. We have decided not to send a statement out via email, to avoid annoying customers with more notices, but are posting here instead for those customers looking for the information.

The pandemic is not currently affecting any of our operations. As we already utilised home working and can manage all servers remotely, there is no impact at this time. All customer service remains unaffected. All of our major suppliers are also operating normally and have procedures in place that they are keeping us up to date with.

Should the situation change, we will update the information here, or send an email to customers if the information is urgent.

If you have any questions about this, or any other aspect of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Dear Customers,

As you may remember from previous messages, last Saturday (26th October), an upgrade to MySql 8.0 was scheduled in the early hours of the morning, along with a move onto new upgraded hardware at the same time. As some may be aware from announcements on the support site, this eventually had to be cancelled. The other updates and maintenance scheduled for that night were completed as expected.

The MySql move was begun as scheduled, and the databases were moving across without issue. However, as part of this upgrade, a random selection of sites were tested after their database's moved to ensure that they were still working on the new server. Part way through this move it was deemed that the number of sites that were failing these tests was unacceptably high - whether due to scripts still being out of date or being incompatible with MySql 8. As such, to avoid these sites going offline, we were forced to abandon the upgrade, and leave everything running as it was before.

Although the move to MySql 8.0 has had to be abandoned, it does mean that we have new hardware for MySql that is sitting empty and waiting. Therefore, we are scheduling a shorter maintenance for this Saturday (2nd November) between 12.30am and 5am, during which we will be moving MySql onto the new hardware, whilst staying with the existing version of MySql, 5.7. The expected downtime during this window is approximately 30 minutes. There are no changes to sites needed to prepare for this, as the major version is remaining the same, as well as the configuration.

We are currently working out what is best to do in order to offer customers that would like it access to MySql 8.0, without affecting the websites of customers whose websites are not compatible with the latest technologies. If MySql 8.0 is something that you are interested in, please contact support to register your interest, and we can then plan the best way of doing this and keep you up to date.




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As always, please contact us via the support helpdesk - - if you need assistance with anything in this newsletter, or anything else to do with your hosting service.

Kind Regards,

The LiquidSix Hosting Team

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