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Update to UK Mail Server Security Certificate
Posted by Paul Woodland on 06 September 2018 10:27 AM

Yesterday, 5th September 2018, the UK mail server security certificate was updated as the old one was due to expire. This is a normal process, that has to happen every couple of years.

When the certificate is replaced, this resets any warnings that people have previously hidden regarding certificate mis-matches, which many people have been seeing. These warnings only happen if the secure connection details are not set correctly. The warnings can be hidden, but can also be fixed permanently by setting the correct details.

If you are using a secure connection, the incoming (POP3/IMAP/ActiveSync) server and outgoing (SMTP) server, should be set to exactly:
(You do not need to replace anything in this address, enter it exactly as written)

If you are currently seeing these set to "" (where is your domain name) or anything else, then this will trigger the warning if you are using a secure connection. Updating your account settings in your mail client to use the address above will fix the problem permanently, so you won't see this problem any time a certificate is replaced.

You can also view more details on setting up secure email connections here:


If you still have problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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