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UPDATE: MySql 8.0 Upgrade Cancelled
Posted by Paul Woodland on 26 October 2019 05:23 AM

As per our recent announcements, tonight was scheduled to be the upgrade of the MySql server to the latest version, 8.0, as well as the move to new hardware. This was begun as scheduled, and the databases were moving across without issue.

However, as part of this upgrade, a random selection of sites were tested after their database's moved to ensure that they were still working on the new server. Part way through this move it was deemed that the number of sites that were failing these tests was unacceptably high - whether due to scripts being out of date or being incompatible with MySql 8. As such, to avoid these sites going offline, we have been forced to abandon the upgrade.

The current MySql server will remain in place, with no changes, whilst we consider the best option on how to proceed from here. We still wish to provide customers with the latest technologies, but will need a solution to the issue of out of date sites before doing so. We will make another announcement soon once we have finished investigating.

The other updates and maintenance scheduled for tonight were completed as expected.

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