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Problem with UK Web Server Io
Posted by Paul Woodland on 31 July 2021 04:20 PM

We are currently working on a problem with the UK web server "Io". Websites that are hosted on this server are currently unavailable. Other services such as email are unaffected.

Please accept our apologies for this problem, we are working to get the server back online as soon as possible.

UPDATE 19:08 GMT+1: We are still working to restore this server due to a hardware fault, we apologise for the problems today with websites on this server.

UPDATE 22:30 GMT+1: We apologise for the continued issue with this server. We are continuing the rebuild and transferring data from off-site servers, however some disruption outside of our network is causing this process to go much more slowly than it should do, and normally does. We will be continuing to work through the night to get everything back online as soon as possible.

UPDATE 06:30 GMT+1: We are on the last stage of the process, but the network issue has significantly increased the time that the process should have taken. Based on the current speed, we are predicting all websites should be available by 10:00 GMT. Please accept our apologies again for this delay.

UPDATE 12:15 GMT+1: All websites on the server are now online. We apologise for the length of time that this has taken due to the external disruption. We will be reviewing our procedures and investigating what went wrong in order to prevent this from happening again. We thank all customers for their patience whilst we worked overnight to rebuild the server and work around the disruption.

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