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What are the settings for ActiveSync?
Posted by Paul Woodland (Import) on 30 November 2009 10:09 PM
This article lists the settings needed for ActiveSync. This is only supported on accounts that have purchased this addon. For more details please see this article:

The exact names of the settings may vary depending on the device, but will look similar to those listed below.

E-Mail Address: The full email address being accessed
Domain: The part of your email address after the @ symbol
Username: The part of your email address before the @ symbol
Password: The password for the email address as set in the Helm control panel
Server: (for customers on our UK servers) (for customers on our US servers)

As an example, the settings for the email address hosted in the UK might be:

E-Mail Address:
Username: me
Password: password

Please consult your devices manual for exact details on setting up a new email account. We also have guides for some common devices:

Windows Mobile 6 Professional Devices:
iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:
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